‘Outside’ (2006)          Cast & Crew Credits
Type: Music Video    Format: Super 16mm/HD/HDV     Length: 3 min. 13 sec.  
    A conscious response on the gun violence issue, featuring music by urban recording artist Promise. (view: Outside the Music Video)
‘Style in Progress’ (2005)
Type: Documentary    Format: MiniDV    Length: 16 min.
    Two days of interview, performance and documentation of the annual free Urban music and graffiti art festival in downtown Toronto. Featuring: Promise, Mindbender, Relz, Che Kothari, AmiR, Casey Jones, JD Era, Fever, Stage One, Volunteer Staff,  J.Twiz, Tislam the Great, Press Pause, the Messiah, and many more. (View Clips)
‘Venture Capital’ (2009)        
Format: Digital Video    
Length: 49 min. 30 sec.
‘It Takes 2 Men to Make a Deal, It Takes 1 Day to Risk Losing it All...’
   A movie about economic crisis and the capitalist system, with a mostly Hip Hop soundtrack.
Filmed in Toronto during the summer of 2003  (view: Poster & Trailer)
Angelic Space Alien(2009)        
Format: DVD    Length: 59 min. 51 sec.
Artist: Conspiracy More info at Myspace.com/ConspiracySBU
    (Released on September 9th 2009 (09/09/09)
                         (featuring Black Krishna)
Format: YouTube HD series
More info at TorontoTruthSeekers.com
‘Manifesto Festival’ (2007)
Type: Documentary    Format: DV    Length: 29 min.
 Featuring performance clips and interviews with Maestro, Tona, Choclair, Dan-E-O, Zaki, Junia-T, Arowbe, Wasun, L.S., JD Era, Unknown Mizery, Kaynose, Abdominal, Priceless, Rodchester, G.S., Adam Bomb, DJ Marmalade, Mindbender, Seiz 1, Snowy Owl, D-Ray, Drake, Grimace Love, A-Manual, Frostflow, Romeo, and more... (watch)              
Videography and Editing by Daniel Libby of SiLSa.ca... Special thanks to Che Kothari, Mark Valino, & all the GOOD PEOPLE who support the MANIFESTO (Traditionally held on the 3rd weekend in September), more info at TheManifesto.ca
 2010 SiLSa! Music Videos   Artist: Mindbender
Watch: ‘Sparkling’   Length: 3:07
Format: HD       Release Year: 2010
More info at MindbenderLovesYou.tumblr.com
Toronto Media Co-Op
Watch: ‘Enough is Enough: Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared in Toronto
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
More info at Toronto.mediacoop.ca
 Chris Quotes - Supernova
2010 Beautiful City A Tax on Billboards to Fund Public Arts
Watch Part 1: ‘City Hall’   Length: 7:32
& Part 2 Invoice Townhall  Length: 8:02
Segments Produced & Edited by SiLSa! Productions
Ernie Paniccioli - So Much Things to Say
G20 Unlawful Arrest the story of...
G20 TORONTO INQUIRY Accounts of a Police Conspiracy links: 1 2 3 4 5
Ontario Ombudsman
Toronto G20 Movie:
   Watch Press for Truth’s documentary INTO THE FIRE the whole World is watching YOUTUBE LINKhttp://youtu.be/zejD0UkMGGYhttp://pressfortruth.ca/news_dtls.php?rid=166&catid=13shapeimage_5_link_0
             Watch Press for Truth INTO THE FIRE Premiere Reviews LINK videography by SiLSa!http://youtu.be/3UQvlxE_YVIhttp://pressfortruth.ca/news_dtls.php?rid=166&catid=13shapeimage_6_link_0
Featuring length documentaries:
Under Occupation Toronto G20 Operation YOUTUBE LINK & Toronto G20 Re-Exposed YOUTUBE LINK
the legendary Hip Hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli speaks at the L.I.V.E. Hip Hop festival FULL PLAYLISThttp://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3119F4EB397B712Bhttp://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3119F4EB397B712Bshapeimage_7_link_0
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Full coverage of the Free Marc Emery Farewell Tour event in Toronto on DOPECHEFMEDIA TINY DANZA - BEAT FLY VIDEO
‘My Transporter Room’
‘Exodus’ ‘The Watcher’
‘Sometimes I Amaze Myself
‘When It Gets to the Roach’
   Press for Truth 6 Hr. DVD 
   on Toronto 9/11 Hearings
   available on PressForTruth.ca HINDSIGHT a tribute to Tiny Danza now named NIXON Research on the secret order of Freemasons - Playlist of Videos Video coverage of Friday+Education series with Pixel Dreams influenced by Star Trek
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DOPECHEF Videographer and social media magazine Videographer on Press for Truth news segments and documentary projects Editor for music video ‘Steven Seagal’ by UZIMON - a tribute to the legendary movie star featured on Funny or Die 
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